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Thoughts Upon First Hearing Usher’s ‘Love In This Club’

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(with apologies to Passion of the Weiss, who is much better than me at this sort of thing.

1. Dude can sing. I mean, really, he is good.
2. Dude can dance.
3. I heard it 20 minutes ago, and it’s still stuck in my head. This I hate Usher for because…
4. The lyrics suck.
5. If Usher did, in fact, fulfill his desire, he’d probably get arrested for it.
6. Referring, as the song does, to the successful sexual conquest of a woman as bagging groceries (as Young Jeezy does in his terrible, insipid 16 bars), is probably not the best way to get into anyone’s pants.
7. A thought. Usher is married. Usher has a son, also called Usher. What does Mrs. Usher think of this making love in clubs? Is the song directed at a woman other than Mrs. Usher? If so, this is a problem. If not, can’t he just wait until he gets home and save himself the legal rigamarole?
8. Young Jeezy is possibly the least talented rapper alive. As opposed to Weezy Baby, Lil’ Wayne, who is terrific.


Have just heard Part II of this opus. Thoughts?

  1. It’s not Part II of anything. It’s a completely different song with the same chorus. Come on O’ World of Rap/Hip-Hop/whatever – let’s not be too lazy about this sort of thing, hmm?
  2. Beyonce can really sing.
  3. Lil’ Wayne sounds like he is suffering from advanced emphysema.
  4. Even so, he if much more interesting than Young Jeezy, who just sounds like a dick.
  5. Lyrics like “come a little closer, let daddy put it on ya” really don’t do Usher any favours, especially when Justin Timberlake has spent the last couple of years redefining this sound, and this genre, and taking it to ridiculously sophisticated heights. LoveStoned it ain’t.

Written by soundaffects

May 7th, 2008 at 5:58 pm

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